May 22, 2015

The Trek to Bluff

by Mildred Bayles Palmer 

Published in Utah Heritage Remembered by the Blanding Stakes Relief Societies
in 1996 for the State Centennial

The wagons move slowly across the wilderness.
Eyes are reddened from sun and wind.
How much further must we go?
Day after day go by, blurred and dimmed with weariness.
Thirst and hunger always present.
The children suffer most.
Go on, we must; one step and then another , mile after mile.
Are we almost there?

Days grow shorter -- nights are cooler.
We must hurry onward.  Prayers are offered in supplication for guidance and survival.
Down the impossible treacherous rock hill
the wagons are lowered slowly.
Then out across the hills of desert sand.
The way seems easier now.
What shall we find there?
Will we survive there?
How many souls will die there?

A valley lies ahead.
Walls of ancient sandstone guard it well.
A river slices snakelike through the valley;
Along the southern cliffs,
Prayers of thankfulness are offered.
Here we will build our homes.
Live out our lives and spread the word of God.

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