May 22, 2015


by Patricia Black Shumway

Published in Utah Heritage Remembered in 1996
by the two Blanding Stake Relief Societies
for the State Centennial

The Ancient cliff squatted heavily
in the burning sun
Gently cradling the rocky ruin 
in its thick tired arms.

Stiff canyon walls stand as sentinels
Guarding the steps of all who enter their domain.

Tumbled walls with smoke dimmed pictures
Soundlessly whisper an eloquent story
Recorded by an unnamed author.

Where are those who's
Quiet remains display
An unremembered glory?

Questioning eyes watch
As changing shadows once again people
the abandoned rooms.

Mute answers echo in melancholy stillness
Sounds of vanished loves unheard.
Emptiness seems a haven for time
Holding forever all that has happened
In the old ruin.

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