July 13, 2013

Ride the San Juan

by Janet Keeler Wilcox

1st place winner, BYU Charles Redd Writing competition 2013


Lead me down your snaky trails
of twisting paths and flinty glaze
to ocher canyons etched in fire
by sunlight's lofty rays.

Ride me o'er your slate blue riffs
As canyon shadows fall,
Where night birds dance above the lake
And lonely eagles call.

Toss me high on rugged waves
Douse me 'til I'm blue,
Bounce me through the rocky course where voyagers are few.

Swirl me past your eddies
Etched by frothy hue.
Take me to your glens and coves
that Anasazi knew.

Wind me 'round your sandstone fjords
Of sandwiched mauves and grey,
Circle me with stony walls
That time has worn away.

Spray me down your waterfalls
Sooth me in your pools.
Shower me o'er your coral ridge
Where sandstone calmness rules.

Hide me in your tombs of jade 
Where elusive peace lies still,
And mirrored reflections tranquilize the agitated will.

Guide me to the journey's end
To canyons sprayed with gold
Where calm respite is heaven sent
And river tales are told.

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