February 25, 2010


Photo shows Kumen in the center, honored as the last surviving "adult" who came through Hole-in-the-Rock.  He is surrounded by others, who were children when they came through.

A Tribute written by Kumen Jones

Written about his mother: "SAGE TREHARNE JONES and his brother Lehi. His mother had no schooling. She was born Nov. 27th, 1832, Llanelly, Glamorganshire, South Wales, and died at Cedar City, Utah, March 20, 1897. She joined the L. D. S. Church with her family, both parents, three sisters: Mary, Jane and Sarah, and brother William. [She] emigrated in the year 1848 [with] all the family.

Mother lived to see all of her sons and her only daughter get married, and she felt pleased with the choice that each one had made. She saw all her sons chosen for responsible positions in the Church and state which repaid her, at least in part, for her sacrifices. When the time comes when the One Just Judge rewards His children for their loyalty to Him and to His earthly authority, we know that our faithful, devoted mother will be rewarded in full. May our Heavenly Father help all her posterity to so live that we may be worthy of our noble parentage when we all meet again."
"  MY BROTHER LEHI, born November 1854 at Cedar City, Utah, was 5 feet, 9 inches in height and was very light in complexion, followed farming, stock raising and general business. By strict economy, thrift and industry, he made his way up to a good success. Being the oldest son to live, he took very early in life the responsibility of the care of the family, in which he took a noble and intelligent part."
A Tribute

Had I my life to live again,
  when this good life is through,
Retaining all the best of this
   and adding to the new,
I'd start by being kinder to our good mother, left alone
With six small kiddies, under eight,
   and the work of home;
Left almost penniless too,
  with broken health and nerve,
The only asset left her
   was the iron will to serve.

Through this short, cruel story
  there is history sublime
Reaching up towards heaven
   to realms of the divine.
She drew much needed courage
  from the servants of the Lord,
In material help and counsel,
  from fathers of Cedar Ward,
Who always gave a kindly hand,
  a friendly word and smile.
Ye public servants keep this up, '
   Twill help us out the while;

There's one more family item
  that should be noted too,
To round the story out
   and make it full and true,
It is of a child turned man
   almost overnight,
Turned into a princely man
   and made a noble fight,

'Twas our brother Lehi
   made that character summersault,
Turned from childhood to manhood
  without one serious fault.
Though eighty-three he still plods on,
  in a slightly lower gear,
With wise and friendly counsel
  his life work has made clear.

I wish all men had brothers,
  just like this pal of mine,
'Twould make this a wiser world,
  much better and sublime.

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